Saturday, April 7, 2012


So I was thinking about my life and where I should go now. I know I want to travel the world see everything and hear everything. I want to be sort of a no mad. Maybe even a "hippy"! :) I love to travel and I want a Jeep Wrangler like this one -->
I want a mountain Jeep. One that is durable and tough. Yes, Jeeps are for girls! 
My main destination is Australia. Once I get there I'll go to Sydney and then out to the great outback!
I also want to go to Asia, Europe, Sweden, Africa, etc. There is so many different animals and life beyond what you can see when you settle down and get married and have kids and a nice house (What every one else seems to strive for.) NOPE! NOT ME! Sure those things are nice, but I'de rather be in my Jeep jamming to music in the outback or on the beach somewhere partying and doing the things I love. If there is some amazing man just like me that wants to join me I will be totally cool with that! If he starts talking about marriage he better expect our first house to be in a tent ;) I know I may sound crazy or you may not understand why anyone would want this life. But look at it through my eyes, I am just a freedom junky!! 

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