Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sometimes life gets hard.

We can all admit this no matter what our background is. We cannot control life and what it may throw at us. When we look behind us we stop and are forced to think of the bad. If we focus on the future it can make us frustrated and sometimes even depressed bc we have no direction. Happiness is not something that lasts forever. Even though we expect it to. It is a word for a temporary feeling. whether you heard a joke or saw something funny, it is all temporary. It is a moment you get that makes you smile. We cannot depend on another person to make us happy. If you do it is selfish. Think about the person you are either with or just friends with, are you friends with them for your own pleasure or because you actually want to make them happy or feel good?  We all lose people, either from death or other reasons. I cannot sit here and say everything is going to be perfectly fine because I would be lying to you and myself. I cannot say that I have the meaning of life or the right reason to live or answer any of your questions. Think about those questions you have about life, do you want them to be answered a certain way? if yes then why not answer them yourself so you never have to ask someone else. If you feel like running away right now, I totally understand! I have always ran away from life and it is a normal feeling. But sometimes we need to face our problems. Sometimes even thinking about suicide is another way of running away. It gets better when you find what you want in life and strive for it. I can say that much.

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